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George Topor - Guitar/Keys/Backing vocals
Cristian Giurgiu - Guitar
Marek Basista - Bass guitar
James Johnson - Vocals

Tableau Mort was established in 2017 by London based Romanian musicians George Topor, Cristian Giurgiu and George Bratosin. They were further joined by Polish bassist Marek Basista, and British Vocalist James Johnson through 2018 and 2019. In late 2019 James left the band and was replaced by Stefano Bassi, but later returned towards the end of 2021. 
Whilst Tableau Mort could initially be labelled a Black Metal band there is  a wide variety of influences that can be heard through the music

Veil of Stigma Book 1: Mark of Delusion was released in June 2019 to positive release across both reviewers and fans of the band. After a number of successful shows to promote the album, Stefano replaced James on vocals to record the Ignorance, Heresy and Malice Trilogy Singles. In 2020 Tableau Mort also worked on Music videos for Ignorance and Malice, the latter was premiered in partnership with Metal Hammer. 

Early 2021 the band recorded a cover version of End of the Begining for a Black Sabbath tribute compilation organised by Antichrist Magazine.
Tableau Mort worked with Neil Haynes (Parlour Studios) on their first album and returned  to work on the release of their sophomore release, Visio In Somniis. which was released on 6th May 2022.  The band also chose to work again with artist Alex Shadrin on the artwork for the new record

In June 2023 drummer George Bratosin decides to leave the band.

in December 2023 the band releases a single entitled Faustian featuring megadeth's Dirk verbeuren on drums.
Throughout their time together, Tableau Mort have been an active live band and have played a number of festivals: Deadsoul Festival , Eradication Festival, Hammerfest,  Reaper Festival, Cosmic Void Festival. Throughout Covid the band continued to play with a slot at Metal Injection's Slay at Home, and a headline performance on Retribution Alive Online with a special show filmed for this occasion at 229 The Venue, one of London's finest music venues.

Beyond his Gaze, Carpenter of Sorrow, Fall of Man , Ignorance, Malice, Candle in the Darkness and Idolatry have been reviewed on some of the most important reaction channels on YouTube such as Nuclear Reactions, Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life, Vinand Sori, Halflife Sistah and The Adventures of TNT, Unsigned Showcase and many others

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UK black metallers Tableau Mort put the 'Roman' into 'Necromancy'.....the new song is a typically blistering and dynamic slice of epic black metal fury, and the video has plenty of drama (and excellent beards) to back it up. (Metal Hammer)


To conclude, TM has served the scene with an album that is both true in spirit to its legacy, but also forgoes the opaqueness of its predecessors. You should hold Veil in reverence for what it has achieved in this niche, bridging influences both new and old, while also putting a novel spin to an already esoteric concept. (notkineticperse on Metal Archives)

Tableau Mort are definitely pinning the entire UK on the worldwide map of Black Metal with their music, and based on their skills, passion for heavy music and creativity, they have the potential to become one of the references of the genre in the coming years, leaving their mark already upon humanity with Veil of Stigma. Book I: Mark of Delusion, and leaving us eager for more of their cryptic creations.(The Headbanging Moose)

"Veil Of Stigma: Book 1 Mark Of Delusion" is a must-have if you're a fan of Black Metal. It has an incredible sound as well as songs that will remain with you long after you've finished listening to them play. TABLEAU MORT has created an album that they should be quite proud of. (Metal Temple) get melodic Black Metal full of chaotic fury and bombast mixed with powerful atmosphere, weeping melodies, and gloomy, meditative lyrics. (The Metal Crypt)

In  my opinion  Tableau  Mort  are  a  very  great  sounding  brutal, technical  and  atmospheric  black  metal  band  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  this  musical  genre,  you  should  check  out  this  album. (Occult Black Metal Zine)

A mouthful of melancholic renderings, this full length lives up to its name, slashing its way through orthodox theology, occultism and societal psychosis, ‘Book I’ is a cumulative story marking centuries of deceit reaching its pinnacle. (This Is Black Metal)

Tableau Mort debut full-lenght is a real piece of brilliant craftsmanship. Pure artistry in terms of music makes this album stand out beyond the level of black metal which we knew so far (Absit Omen)

The darkness rolls outwards from the stage, the scorn is powerful enough to make the eyes water and the melodies are emotionally captivating (Games, Horror & Heavy Metal…What Else Is Life For?)

"Tableau Mort’s work is as fearlessly inventive and intense as ever, with each song coming across as a potential new gem of the genre." (The Killchain Blog)

"Tableau Mort manage to create an atmosphere that is now dreamy, now desperate, now massive, offering a multifaceted vision of their interpretation of black metal (Aristocraziawebzine)

"Tableau Mort’s second offering unraveled a highly refined sculpture of intricate and diverse sonic delicacies, as they proved in sophisticated fashion that black metal can expand beyond the horizon of rawness and Satanism, to reach levels of mysticism and cult, arguably a more terrifying approach to this already bleak subgenre of metal.(Headbangers Haven)

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